Resident Office Stuttgart

Are you not in close proximity to the OEMs, can you not meet the response times, or are the high costs of travel and accommodation a major headache?

To reduce your fixed costs and increase work efficiency, we offer several options for resident employment.

  1. Order resident for 5 days/week on site
  2. Order resident for 4 days/week on site
  3. Order resident for 3 days/week on site
  4. Order resident for 2 days/week on site
  5. Order resident for 10 hours/month for a flat rate

If you are interested in our Resident Office solution, please contact us. Be advised that we do not want to and cannot publish many details regarding our company’s expertise here.

  • As a PIAQ Resident Office we are close to OEMs (Daimler, BMW, Porsche)
  • We respond to on-site OEMs quickly and within one hour
  • We have no language or cultural barrier
  • We have OEM experience
  • We are the interface with the OEM supplier
  • We are available 7/24
  • Experience with Eastern European suppliers
  • Cost and time savings via on-site support in the customer’s operations
  • Significant decrease in complaints
  • Sustainable quality assurance in the production process
  • It has been possible to restore the client’s reputation with the customer
  • Significant savings have been achieved by eliminating waste and via remediation.

Our highly qualified residents work locally on your behalf and represent your interests. Because the proximity to the development and production location is often decisive for the optimal process and the success of your project.

Our flexible and technically skilled employees work at all OEM locations in Germany, Europe and the USA.

We offer capacities from 100% full-residents to package deals (e.g. 1 × 4 hours per week) and billing on demand. Everything is possible.

Benefit from our resident engineering

  • Low cost
  • High Presence
  • Direct and flexible action

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