Resident at OEM site

Are you not in close proximity to the OEMs, can you not meet the response times, or are the high costs of travel and accommodation a major headache?

If a supplier’s engineer is on-site at the OEM, unforeseen events, which are a rule rather than an exception in a dynamic project run, solutions to problems can be discussed informally and when required. This “real-time support” identifies project risks at an early stage, which not least benefits a shortened “time-to-market” strategy.

For sound problem solving, it is usually necessary to view and evaluate sensitive data. This also shows the advantage of having staff on site. The resident engineer can – albeit with limited rights – access the customer’s data pools.

Anyone who has to deal with various (large) customers as a service provider knows how difficult it often is to understand the language of the customer. With the hotchpotch of abbreviations, jargon and growing language cultures, it is almost impossible to quickly tell what a problem is. A resident grows into the language culture of the customer and understands how the client company “ticks”.

Our highly qualified residents work locally on your behalf and represent your interests. Because the proximity to the development and production location is often decisive for the optimal process and the success of your project.

Our flexible and technically skilled employees work at all OEM locations in Germany, Europe and the USA.

We offer capacities from 100% full-residents to package deals (e.g. 1 × 4 hours per week) and billing on demand. Everything is possible.

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