Resident Engineer

Dynamic development networks in the engineering sector with a large number of project partners require an effective exchange of information and knowledge. Appropriate project management tools and methods can support this, but cannot replace the human factor.

Ultimately, this is responsible for ensuring that all requirements are met quickly.

For cross-company development projects, therefore, there is a need for staffing between manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. A common form of organisation or work for this is that of the Resident Engineer (RE) – a connection engineer who is used permanently at the customer on site.

The high price, innovation and quality of development projects requires both manufacturers and suppliers to concentrate on their respective core competences and then to cooperate with one another in permanently established network structures.

The Resident Engineer is thus a contact engineer who is involved in the organisation of the customer for a longer period of time.

Our highly qualified residents work locally on your behalf and represent your interests. Because the proximity to the development and production location is often decisive for the optimal process and the success of your project.

Our flexible and technically skilled employees work at all OEM locations in Germany, Europe and the USA.

We offer capacities from 100% full-residents to package deals (e.g. 1 × 4 hours per week) and billing on demand. Everything is possible.

Benefit from our resident engineering:

  • Low cost
  • High Presence
  • Direct and flexible action

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