Trouble Shooting

With the troubleshooting method, problems are taken apart, analysed and dealt with to the last detail. In the end, all that remains is the solution, and the problem becomes a thing of the past.

This also applies to complaints management and series products.

We have a lot of experience in supporting SMEs and their series projects. We are the Task Force and thus the troubleshooting team, or simply put, the problem solvers.

We proceed in a targeted manner, find the main cause, and always move along the external and internal value chain.

  • The analysis and subsequent optimisation of all processes with SIPOC and Turtle.
  • We work directly on-site by means of management by walking around MBWA and Gemba Walk.
  • Our data analysis is based on the facts-and-figures principle, i.e. numbers, data, facts.
  • We use KPIs or process indicators.
  • We work with the following audits: product audit, process audit and system audit.
  • We use checklists according to best practice.
  • We conduct interviews.
  • We organise brainstorming.
  • We follow the principles “5 Warum”, “7M” and “Ishikawa”.
  • We use FMEA to document errors, error sequences, causes of error, RPN and the effectiveness of measures.
  • We deal with waste using 5S or 5A and 3M.
  • We work according to the qualification matrix.
  • If and when necessary, we moderate workshops on coaching and trouble-shooting

  • We are available as a bottleneck or task force to seek and actively implement a sustainable solution to current problems. In doing so, we fall back on partial damage analysis, maturity coverage and robust production processes, as well as NTF, logistics, material management and complaint management.
  • We adjust advanced quality planning, which is important in the product development process PDP, according to PPAP, PPA, AFQP and VDA and implement the adopted measures.
  • We offer solutions in the important product development process PDP according to PPAP, PPA, APQP and VDA and implement the adopted measures. We offer solutions in the product development process PDP in project management. The project results with trouble-shooting – summarised in brief.

  • Problems at the product, process and system levels are resolved quickly and, above all, sustainably.
  • The implementation of best practice is realised in all practised processes.
  • The complaint rate of customers is reduced by 50%, and the ppm corridor is 0-200 ppm.
  • The complaint rate of suppliers is reduced by up to 50%.
    Process optimisation eliminates printing errors by 100%.

  • We offer you a structured, systematic and uniform approach and discover and eliminate not only the errors, but the root cause in this way.
  • We make sure that everyone involved in trouble-shooting is integrated.
  • We offer a high transfer of know-how through solution competence and expert knowledge.
  • We have extensive knowledge concerning discontinuous and continuous processes.
  • Our experience also extends to the intermediate goods industry, the consumer goods industry and the capital goods industry.
  • Our experience with implementation includes corporations as well as SMEs.
  • Our output is exclusively from task-related interest.
  • We also bring entrepreneurial thinking to trouble-shooting.
  • We encourage you to seek the neutral opinion of a third party.
  • We should talk…

… if you have problems where trouble-shooting can help. But also if you want more information on the method or have specific questions. You may also have just come up with the idea that trouble-shooting could become a problem-solver for you.

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