Measures management

The classic question “Who has to do what and by when?” sounds so trivial in theory, but is often more complicated in practice.

Again and again, we find out in practice that administering the tasks in a decentralised manner and in many varying ways is one of the causes of mismanagement.

In short, everyone is managing things in his or her own way!

One with Outlook ToDos, another with Excel lists or post-it notes. While this system is very flexible, it is often the starting point for unfinished tasks, information asymmetries and gaps, and misperceptions about the current workload.

In particular, processes and projects can then come to a standstill and sometimes increased costs can be incurred if an employee is unexpectedly absent.

Maintaining an overview of different processes involving multiple tasks for different people in charge is a key challenge for efficient process control.

A central measures management system collects and monitors the company-wide tasks, measures and responsibilities.

All tasks and measures that have been entered into the system along with the people responsible and appointments are available at a central station.

PIAQ experts will help you in the following areas:

  • Recording measures and documentation
  • Determination of responsible people and teams for
  • measures management, including team management
  • Measure definition support via freely definable action catalogues
  • Checking the degree of completion and effectiveness of the measures
  • Information pertaining to the responsible people regarding the task and completed tasks by email directly from the system
  • Event tracking of measures and escalation management
  • Controlling of measures and further tracking of the sub-measures
  • Varied evaluation of open measures, e.g. related to employees or departments

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