Escalation management

The share of vendor parts in car production is increasing, thereby reducing the depth of vertical integration at the OEM. As a result, the role of supplier development, as a guarantor for the quality-compliant delivery capability of suppliers, is becoming increasingly important. Despite stringent safeguarding processes, quality problems can occasionally arise among suppliers due to high part complexity and diversity, which in the worst-case scenario are only first discovered at the OEM.

OEM places such suppliers on the so-called cooperation level using standardised escalation processes. In this context, the supplier is called upon to immediately initiate corrective measures and is monitored by the application of quality assurance to purchased parts. However, in some cases the supplier’s or OEM’s resources are insufficient for ensuring sustainable resolution and avoidance of errors. In this case, the OEM encourages the supplier to provide independent and external support.

Immediate error resolution requires short-term commitment from suppliers and a high degree of expertise to ensure rapid supplier development.
PIAQ gains this expertise through the constant support of critical suppliers and the resulting further development of their own methods. This way, PIAQ guarantees the necessary methodological competence.
Fast and successful implementation of the right tools is carried out via intensive application of supplier employees’ imagination on site, right in the middle of the action.

Die schnelle und erfolgreiche Implementierung der richtigen Werkzeuge geschieht durch intensive Einbildung aller Mitarbeiter der Lieferanten vor Ort, mitten im Geschehen.

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