VDA 6.3 Process audit

The German Association of the Automotive Industry publishes guidelines and directives for the automotive industry. The OEM requirements are used in these guidelines and directives, which are to be implemented in the automotive industry. This standard has achieved a very high level of acceptance by manufacturers (OEM) and in the supply chain worldwide.

The process audit should assess the quality capability of a supplier and examine whether processes, requirements and guidelines meet the required standards. It confirms to what extent requirements are implemented and monitored in the individual processes or products. Also weak points in the system can be identified (subcontractor control, purchased part management).
Process audits: If individual processes/areas are to be assessed for suitability (process organisation, risks, susceptibility), these can be carried out according to plan or unscheduled.
The process audit is increasingly being used internally by OEMs and suppliers. Subcontractors are also insisting on implementation. Audits can be triggered for two reasons (internal/external).

Internal reasons: e.g. self-assessment according to audit plan, process changes, complaints, new products and processes.

External reasons: e.g. regular evaluation at suppliers or evaluation of new suppliers, process changes, process relocations and complaints, audit by customers

The customer has the following advantages when carrying out a process audit in accordance with VDA 6.3: It thereby meets the IATF requirements. On the other hand, it can tap into the automotive market in the long term.

We examine your processes and areas by applying the VDA 6.3 volume for conformity and identifying potential for improvement.
The results of our evaluation help you to classify the processes or the project or the supplier and to define and categorise the further planning and prioritisation of measures. Our PIAQ auditors present optimisation and cost saving potentials. In addition to one-off process audits for the prevention and correction of process deficits, we also offer continuous improvement process measures in accordance with a defined audit plan.
The auditing of your organisation and its interfaces according to VDA 6.3 must be performed by a process auditor with appropriate professional experience and qualification in quality management (IATF 16949, ISO 9000 ff). We will provide you with this if there is no qualification or capacity available

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