The “Formula Q” regulations contain all the requirements of the VW Group for quality and project management and apply to the entire supply chain. These rules are intended to ensure that the product development process and series deliveries are adhered to in accordance with the specifications.

For individual issues, the requirements supplemented in the “Formula Q Capability Annex” Chapter 2 must be taken into account (see VW Group Business Platform).

All suppliers of the VW Group are required to carry out regular Q-specific audits. The auditors must be demonstrably qualified.

Implementation of the customer requirements of the VW Group.

The auditing of your organisation and its interfaces according to Q-specific must be performed by a process auditor with appropriate professional experience and qualification in quality management. We will provide you with this if there is no qualification or capacity available. Through an objective and external view of the present processes further insights can be gained.

PIAQ KG carries out process audits in the automotive industry with internationally experienced auditors in accordance with the VW Formula-Q, the potential analyses or other required standards. These audits can be carried out in several languages.

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