Supplier audit

Auditing and evaluating existing suppliers is becoming increasingly important for many companies. Optimisations and cost savings must also be implemented in the supply chain. Therefore, suppliers need to be constantly evolving to be effective and efficient. Increasingly high demands are placed on the purchasing and quality management of companies. Consumers and businesses demand sustainable transparency across the supply chain.

Supplier audits are based on the contractually agreed or internal specifications and rules. However, these are agreed with the supplier and scheduled.

A supplier audit serves a company to select and assess new or existing suppliers.

On this occasion, different goals and criteria for the supplier audit can be used. According to these criteria, a debit/actual comparison is determined. Weaknesses and deviations of the management system as well as potential for improvement are recorded.

Auditing and evaluation of potentially new partners also serves to qualify suppliers according to customer requirements and to stabilise the supply chain.

The Supplier Quality Verification or Control Audit can be performed either by an independent external or internal auditor.

We are happy to provide you with an experienced PIAQ auditing team. Alternatively, we support your internal auditors and act as a team towards their suppliers.

Insofar as your company has no internal process auditors, we will gladly provide you with our experienced PIAQ auditors. Get external help for our experienced PIAQ.

If you have shortages of auditors or do not have a qualified IATF 16949 auditor, we are happy to take over the internal audit for you.

An outsider can perform the audit objectively/neutrally and an external person is not dependent on the respective departments. You will always receive feedback or recommendations from our experts.

Our professional experts can also create action plans for you and provide support during implementation or monitoring.

The PIAQ offers internal audits according to IATF 16949 with auditors experienced in the automotive industry for many years.

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